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Hey hey... Just found this community, and it seems that aside from bulp, whom I presume is the creator/maintainer, I'm the only user here.

Bulp, you may not have been aware of this, but there's already a list for the three games as a whole, over at aeoncontinuum. I've got a pretty comprehensive master list of game discussion LJ communities over at WolfSpoor (along the left-hand side). If I may do a little plugging, you can get WolfSpoor news on your friends list by adding wolfspoor, or you can go to the site and access certain news directly, like http://www.wolf-spoor.org/aeoncontinuum or http://www.wolf-spoor.org/trinity.

I don't think this community is necessarily useless simply because there's already one, however. After all, there's a wod_ljcommunity for general World of Darkness stuff as well as communities for each respective game, like vampiretmVampire or garou_nationWerewolf. I think this community could nicely serve as a Trinity-specific community. I know I'd use it.

Just my opinion, YMMV.
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